13 October 2007

The Cast of this Little Melodrama

This is basically going to be the story of me, and the various relationships which seem to make their way into and out of my life on a regular basis. At the moment there are four relationships of a serious nature, so these are the four people who will get pseudonyms to start with. As others enter and leave the stage so they will be added and removed and even friends may get their own aliases should they become dramatic enough in some way.

Firstly we have the Tart. The Tart was someone whom I had a past relationship with, cohabitating even, until she revealed that she was psychotic and in serious need of therapy. After several attempted attacks upon my person I decided that enough was enough, and that she should be removed from my life. Since that time she has sought assistance with her various disorders, and resolved most of them. We have recently started talking again, and flirting, and as of a couple of nights ago she has started sending me home made pornographic material in the form of writings, pictures, and videos. The potential here seems to be for FiBs as neither herself nor myself have any interest in beginning an exclusive relationship with one another, but even at the worst of times the sex was great.

Secondly we have the Sweetie. The Sweetie is just that, very nice, very sweet, not my usual type but still attractive. She does not seem to have a particular interest in fetishism, outside of the average broad-mindedness, but she does have a nice healthy sex drive and gives fairly good blowjobs. The only problem is that I am actually worried about hurting her, emotionally that is. She is not as robust as the usual people I date, and she also seems the sort to fall in love easily.

On to number three now, the Slave. This one is rather self-explanatory and obvious. The disadvantage of the Slave is basically distance, but she has been asking to be collared by me, she has a complete lack of inhibitions, is highly masochistic and submissive, and would be a lot of fun. Problem as I said is distance, plus a few mental disorders which prevent certain things and might make life difficult. The Slave I should be visiting before the end of the year, so more detail will be available when I have actually met her in person and not simply seen her at the other end of a webcam and spoken with her on the phone.

Finally we have the worst one in a way, Miss Complicated. Miss Complicated is the one who appeals to me most of all, intelligent, funny, pretty. The problem is the complication. She is rather mixed up about certain things, disliking affection and intimacy unless she is in exactly the right mood, and emotional intimacy seems to be a great fear of hers. Obviously this gets a little irritating when I meet her, and talk with her, chatting about a range of things and then can not so much as stroke her arm without making her flinch. At other times its the opposite. She also swings between saying that she wants to be wanted, and being chatty and friendly, and again the complete opposite. Even though this is a stressful time for her, it makes me feel somewhat less than considerate.

So there you have the summary of the play of things at the moment. More detail will be following eventually but for now I am absconding to the nearest house of alocholic imbibement in order to get a drink and potentially find a few other names to add.