20 December 2007

Christmas Shopping

A large portion of my Christmas shopping is now done, certainly all of the family presents have been bought, wrapped, and put under the tree. They would have been anyway, if we had put the tree up yet. Decorating is almost always left to the last minute, or possibly even later, here so with luck the tree will be erected by Christmas Eve. Just do not expect my own Scroogey self to take part in the decorating of it, or any other part of the house. It is not that I do not like decorations, or Christmas, it is just that I find all of the tacky, glittery decorations so gaudy and overstated.

Were decorating to be left to me alone then it would consist of muted greens and reds, mainly in the form of holly and berries with a few pieces of mistletoe, place near doorways, windows and fireplaces. The rest would be candles scattered around carefully, lit in the evenings to try and chase away that cloying wintery darkness, so different from the crushing humid heat of summer, or its clear, fresh airiness if you happen to get lucky. Winter darkness is sweet-tasting, chill and close to the skin.

Anyway I have drifted away from the title of this post. The main point was to try and defend myself as not a Grinch-type character, despite what people at work may think. I do not dislike Christmas, I simply think it is overdone. As proof of this I offer my love of Christmas shopping. I delight in shouldering my way through crowds of cramped, irritable shoppers all searching for that one perfect present. I love the press of people, despite the mild claustrophobia it triggers in me, the sheer chaos of the shops so close to the big event itself. The gaudy decorations never look quite so bad in scale with much larger buildings than those they are usually put in, and the pitiful attempts at Christmas lights by the town council always amuse me.

Once the chaos has been fought and defeated, along with a trip to the supermarket to buy myself a bottle of wine for when I return home in an attempt to drown the adrenaline, the wrapping must be done. Massively overpriced decorated paper where brown parcel paper would make do must be tightly sealed around each gift, hiding the contents from prying eyes and fingers of the receiver as they sit under the tree, teasing with their presence but giving away nothing.

Yes, I enjoy Christmas, I just do not enjoy the overblown build-up to it.

19 December 2007

Sanity Break

I decided to take tonight as a sanity break, resting quietly in the pub with my iPod, a book, and several pints of cider to simply calm down for a while. Life has been so hectic recently that I have had no chance to just relax. My main decision through this has been that I will no longer struggle and try to force myself into trying to write a blog post each and every day. I will still be trying, but if nothing comes to mind then I will simply give up, and instead back-date an entry when one comes to mind.

Tomorrow I am working again, oh joy of joys, and plan to spend most of my time sitting in the office simply writing a short story for Saturday, or several Saturdays. I have quite a few hours to waste after all. Also, I have discovered a new grooming product, sort of, I have a mild fear that I may be turning into a metrosexual but I sincerely look forwards to my weekly salt-scrub now. Still undecided whether to stick with a goatee, or go for a plain beard.

Feel free to vote either way, but any beard will be short. If you really want to make a comparison then let me know via e-mail and I will send you pictures as necessary.

18 December 2007

Moral Dilemma - Solved

So maybe not exactly solved, but I have come to the conclusion that she is simply too cute and sweet-smelling to pass up. Besides all of that she is aware of my reputation, so it is hardly likely that there will be any serious drama with her. As to her brother, while he is a pleasant enough fellow I would not honestly count him as a friend. An acquaintance, maybe. Pleasant company, most definitely.

Maybe I am simply addicted to drama. I certainly feel more alive when events are in turmoil and chaos around me. No matter how much trouble or trauma it may cause, I much prefer living when things are uncertain than when I know exactly what is going on. People are simply too predictable to make life fun when they react rationally to things.

17 December 2007

A Moral Dilemma

Yes, occasionally I do hesitate because of morals, the few I have left. Essentially the sister of an acquaintance, not someone I have known long enough to really call a friend, is throwing herself at me. This is not a figure of speech, it is quite literal and was occuring while I was with said acquaintance and a few others drinking quietly in the pub. It was commented on by a few of the people present that it was happening, telling me that it was not a figment of my imagination.

Then again if my imagination can force me to hallucinate being jumped and having kisses pressed upon me when the sister of said acquaintance was leaving it is a lot more powerful than I thought. Now the lass is a little young, though still of legal age as evidenced by her presence in a public house of drinking, but the main problem here is the supposed unwritten rule that you do not sleep with your friend's families.

Personally I have never understood this rule, and still do not. Sure it can complicate things but frankly I do not see that it would bother me any more than a complete stranger with whom I share no common ground sleeping with my sister. In point of fact I strongly suspect it would bother me a lot less. It is not that I am planning to drag off the poor young girl and screw her the first chance I get, or at all really, but as I have said before I do find it difficult to say no, particularly to members of the female species with curvy bits in the right places, dirty smiles, and sulky eyes.

Before anyone asks she has been warned about my by various members of my group of friends, which I suspect is half of what has caused the dilemma to arise. Telling a young woman that a certain person is dangerous and sleeps around far too much is possibly not the best way to put their interest off them. Anyway, I will probably be seeing this girl again soon at the next gathering of my friends and am uncertain how to respond. I do not think being unnaturally unfriendly in order to try and discourage her is an option, as simply put I would feel guilty for that. I suspect I will end up being my usual self and simply flirting and joking as much as I usually would. All I can hope is that her brother does not challenge me to a duel in her honour.

16 December 2007

Visiting Sweetie

Last night I paid a pleasant visit to Sweetie for a few hours. A very pleasant visit. I apologise if this post is a little erratic but I am somewhat sleep deprived due to not returning home until four o'clock this morning and dragging myself straight to bed, eager to get away from the frost and chill in the air and into warmth and, more importantly, sleep.

Sweetie demonstrated a little more of herself than I am used to from her last night, not that I am complaining. I arrived at her flat only to find myself slammed up against the wall and being rapidly stripped, losing several buttons in the process as her hands tore at my clothes. Still slightly winded I was grabbed again, pushed down to the floor, straddled and pinned while she rode me until she orgasmed and collapsed on top of me, grinning.

I decided at this point to get a little revenge, shoving her off me, grabbing her hair and pulling her into the sitting room. Pushing her face-down over a sofa, her knees on the floor I proceeded to thoroughly fuck her until she, and I, came again, pulling free of her and spraying cum over her arse.

Over the next few hours there was a lot more sex, less rough than that first session but somewhat messier. Paint-on icing was involved for a little while, and provided a good deal of entertainment, before finally we dragged our bruised, aching bodies into the shower to carefully wash one another down and letting me leave for home.