01 December 2007

This Meebo Thing

You may have noticed at the side of the blog, on the right there, is a little box saying 'meebo me' or some such. This is a wonderful little device which allows all of you lovely people to send me messages, and me to send them back when I am online. You get the idea I am sure. Messages sent are anonymous unless you choose to identify yourselves, so feel free to rant away.

Anyway I am sure the certain ones of you are interested in the graphic details of what has been going on in the little den of sin I find myself spending my time in. Slave has spent the majority of my time here on a leash, servicing me in some form whether that is by entertaining herself, massaging me, or more intimate tasks. After time spent on the leash she is released in order to cuddle and have actual affection.

This is something which often puzzles people about dominant-submissive relationships. It is important to remember that you are not trying to break your submissive's spirit or turn them into a true slave. In fact they are the ones who have actual control, since they are the only ones who can utter a safeword and stop whatever is going on. In a good relationship a safeword should never be needed, since the dominant should be aware enough of what the submissive is willing to do and what they can take that they should push their limits, but never go beyond them.

I have made it quite clear to Slave however that I will not be signing a contract with her, this is fun and games for both of us. Even if it were not she lives too far away for me to be willing to bind myself to her in contract, I do not know enough about her, and frankly the idea of actually permanently 'owning' another person terrifies me.

Lets Get This Meme Done

Okay, so I am going to try and complete this meme now. Incidentally as a random trivia fact meme actually refers to a way of looking at ideas or concepts in an organic fashion. Ideas, as everyone must know, spread, replicate and evolve as they are passed from person to person, in a similar way to genetic evolution. Somehow this psychological concept got hijacked and turned into a term meaning internet questionnaires.

So apparently this meme, kindly thrust upon me by Angel, means that I need to list seven things about myself and then choose seven other people to complete it. So here we go.

  1. I lie like an expert, without even pausing to think about it, when I need to. I can even incorporate nice natural body language into my lies and keep track of them as they grow more complex. I can convince people of almost anything that I wish to without even putting effort into the matter.
  2. I secretly want the white picket fence, two and a half children, and simple family life someday. Just not today. Nor tomorrow. Nor till I meet the person who I can actually see that future with.
  3. My easiest solution to any problem is violence, it takes a lot of effort to keep this in check to the degree that I do, such that I never resort to it.
  4. I detest using the phone, or any sort of electronic recording method for my voice. In fact I am massively insecure about the sound of my voice and even went for speech therapy when I was younger to try and rid myself of a lisp, which I am still self-conscious about even if people assure me it is no longer there.
  5. During the course of my life four people have actively tried to kill me.
  6. I was accumulating the qualifications and training needed to get a stuntman's license, but never had enough money to complete the stunt driving course that I was doing and so never got the license.
  7. I feel most comfortable with a pair of swords on me, and always feel slightly naked in everyday life when I cannot wear them, which is most of the time.

So there you go. As to picking other people to do this meme, I will have to think upon it.

30 November 2007


So maybe this is not the best film in the entire history of cinematography, there may have been better films, but for an all-age film for any member of the family, to watch with a girlfriend, boyfriend, hermaphrofriend, or just friends, this is about as perfect as you can possibly get. As mentioned in the film itself there is sword fighting, giants, duels, true love, adventure, pirates, torture, death, marriage and so on. The dialogue is witty, the action is fantastically executed, the plot is predictably classical as well as being brilliantly comic.

Even with six fingers on my right hand I could not count the number of times I have watched this film with girls who I have been dating, with family members both young and old, from my baby cousins to my grandparents, and I have yet to find anyone who does not at least enjoy it. Whether ill, depressed, happy, lazy or in any other mood this film never fails to make me feel better. At one point I even got to the stage where I could recite the entire film from beginning to end without prompting, which made for some interesting mathematics lessons in college as me and various friends would drop in and out of the dialogue of the film at random moments when we grew bored of advanced calculus and quadratic equations.

Everyone has a handful of films that they enjoy watching again and again, this is the major one for me, but I will also quite happily watch a few others. Princess Bride is my any-mood film, but for violent depression I prefer Dark City, again one I can quite happily watch over and over. For sheer enjoyment of action and gunfights I will take Equilibrium, and for simple philosophising on the merits of humanity's continued existence I can watch Gattaca any time.

So which films do it for you?

29 November 2007

Awards Left and Right

Well people have now tagged me, and I have two more awards. All of these are things I plan to deal with when I get back to my desktop computer with a working keyboard, and get a chance to throw this laptop out a window. The keyboard on it is going, so that some keys require a hammer to be pressed while others need to be pried back up after being pressed, in order to stop a long string of s's or a's. The touchpad is triggered by hands resting anywhere on the casing, but not by fingers drawn across the pad itself. The screen has enough dead pixels to play dot-to-dot. All in all you probably get the idea. The sacrifices I make for you people.

So yes, the tagging and the awards will be boasted about once I return home to a computer that allows me to open more than a single browser window at a time, and where both internet explorer and firefox will allow me to log in to my e-mail, rather than taking it in turns to sulk and refusing to let a connection to google occur. Here are the pictures though, since I do believe they are nice pictures, and links to the ones who awarded them to me.

Now, onto other news. Not so good news. I have a cold, a bad one. Every joint aches. Because of this my activities with Slave have been limited to gentler things than full sex, blowjobs, handjobs, fingering and so on. Fortunately she does have toys which can be applied while she walks around the house. Today she is spending in a nurse's uniform, and looking after me carefully on pain of a caning. She spilt some soup this morning, and now winces a little and lets out a moan whenever she has to sit down.

As I have said before, I have no interest in being purely sadistic every day, but it is nice to be able to cut loose every now and then.

So, thanks to both Simply and Angel for the awards, and thanks Angel for the meme. I will pass on the awards and fill in the meme when I have returned home.

28 November 2007

Waking Strangely

I can sleep peacefully anywhere, one I can actually fall asleep, and here I have managed to have a peaceful, refreshing night, from which I have awoken both with my cold gone, and slave's mouth around my cock. After she finished her work she has informed me that there are certain things that need to be done today, such as a visit to the citizen's advice bureau, and that she wants to know if I would like breakfast.

After letting her know that I am not hungry, but would appreciate some coke, she leaves and I change rooms in order to take a quick shower. As she re-emerges with my coke, I tell her to put it down before throwing her onto the bed, pinning her down, shoving her skirt upwards and fucking her. Now I feel awake. Off to get dressed now, so hope you kiddies are having fun.

27 November 2007

Flying to the Land of the Fey

I left at six o'clock in the morning, far far too early for my own comfort. Grabbing last minute items to be packed as I hurried out the door, shuffling cars around and arranging lifts before leaving for the airport. My usual paranoia kicked in and I began to panic about being late. I hate being late for flights. Fortunately, while it was cut close to the measure of thirty seconds, I was not actually late enough to miss my coach, or the subsequent flight.

Ireland has always been considered a slightly unreal, spiritual place, and its inhabitants similarly befuzzled by reality. I always find myself experiencing a similar feeling when I fly, or travel, a long distance. Admittedly Ireland is not a long distance, but due to the combination of car, coach and plane I used to find myself here, it was a long trip and I left the plane in a slight fuzz of unreality and confusion.

Unfortunately this did not last long, as it was quickly dismissed by the fact that the city of Belfast looked like an average area of London, and a Costa Coffee shop occupied pride of place in the middle of the airport. Dissappointed, I moved outside for a cigarette, hoping to catch a leprechaun or one of the sidhe sneaking a smoke of their own, but none were there. Instead Slave met me with a hug and a submissive bow of her head. For my own part, I was too tired from the journey to do much more than lie on a sofa, so the first night was taken up with watching of various films while she obediently massaged my back, followed by sleep.

26 November 2007

Pack Up Your Troubles

I love to travel, to go to new places, meet new people, see new things. I even enjoy the travelling, flights, driving, sailing, it does not matter which. The bit I do not enjoy is the packing and unpacking. Supposedly I should be packing now, I have about five hours before I will be too busy to do anything, but I just cannot summon up the energy. Between aches and exhaustion I am far too lazy to do anything useful.

Which is a pity, because I will need clothes for Ireland. At least for travelling to Slave's house.

Fortunately I should have internet access while I am there, so I will be trying to keep all of you updated on any debauchery or scandalous activities during the week.

There were none this weekend, except for the occasional poking fight with a rather attractive young lass. Sweet though she was, I believe she has a boyfriend, so things will be going no further there. Fun all the same though.

25 November 2007

Satisfying Pain

Not all pain has to be either unpleasant or sexual, there is another form of pain that can be experienced. This is the satisfying pain which tells you that yes, you have been working incredibly hard and pushing yourself to the limit. I am feeling this pain right now, in a very big way. A very, very big way. Movementis somewhat painful, and slow. In fact it starts slowly then accelerates to a normal walking pace before I come to a stop once again.

There is nothing sexual about this form of pain whatsoever. It is just that lovely feeling of a job very, very well done. I have spent the entire weekend hammering players with foam weaponry, charging around in leather armour, chainmail armour, plate armour, heavy robes, furs, and various other forms of costume. It has been a good weekend.

Now I need to sleep.

Then tomorrow I need to clean up here and pack clothes and such for Ireland on Tuesday.