17 January 2008

Personal Trainer

It transpires that friend's sister is studying to be a fitness trainer, and needs a project to complete her course. She has decided that I am that project, so I will now be eating healthily, exercising regularly, and quitting smoking. If I fail to do any of this then I have a promise that I will regret it under certain vague threats. On the plus side there is at least a reason for me to take up running. Exercising alone is, well, dull. Chasing after an attractive person who you really should not be doing certain things with adds a certain incentive, particularly when promises are made about what happens if you manage to keep up for the entire run.

I still do not like to write about work, so suffice it to say that I am applying for yet another job that I would like but am unlikely to get. Got to be worth a try. I may be travelling to America at some point in the future for a residential training course. Looking forward to that, especially as with any luck I will even be travelling to a place near Mystery. She does not know that yet though, and I do not want to tell her until I have it confirmed, so keep it quiet everyone.