03 January 2008


So what will I be resolving to do this year? I am not quite sure myself yet, but there are certain things that I have made a definite decision on.

  1. Put effort into whatever I am wearing - No longer am I going to opt for the easy route of jeans and whichever t-shirt I happen to grab. On the rare occasions that I will not be wearing some sort of suit my outfit will now be carefully considered and thought through. I will also be on a continual search for ties, hats, cufflinks, waistcoats and the like, not to mention such styles as a hard-boiled detective ensemble, or pin-stripe gangster suit. I have finally grown bored of the blending in which my normal clothes allow, and decided to go in the opposite direction, not to make a statement as such, merely to stand out a little more than I do already.
  2. Reduce the amount of cigarettes I get through - I am not going to try and simply quit overnight, that would be foolish, but I do intend to try and cut down on the number of cigarettes that I smoke until I can get by on one every couple of days. Of course, there is no guarantee this will work.
  3. Be more organised - For once I am actually keeping track of money, appointments and so on in a little diary. If I can keep this up then I might even be able to avoid double-booking arrangements as I have many times before, and avoiding my overdraft would be pleasant as well. I am also keeping track of names and phone numbers in another book, for the inevitable moment when I lose my phone.
That is all for now, but I may add more later if I think of any or if anyone suggests any. In other news for the day, the acquaintance's sister has tracked down my phone number by temporarily stealing her brother's phone. I could have warned him that telling her to keep away from me would not work, but there you go. Moderate levels of flirting ensued but mostly the conversation simply consisted of friendly talking.

The cast-list cleanup will be occuring tomorrow, or tonight if I get back from a meal with Russian early enough.


The Divine Miss M said...

Why would quitting entirely be stupid? It really is the only way to quit, cold Turkey! Otherwise you just keep fooling yourself into having one more cigarette. I know I tried and failed miserably on numerous occasions until I actually sucked up and went cold turkey.

It was a nightmare at first but with enough will power you get through, and you do sound like someone with a lot of willpower when you put your mind to it!

Coquette In Bed said...

I like #3! I learned my lesson when I lost my phone.

in the last 2 years, I went down from a pack a day to one pack for 2 weeks. gradually, no pressure, because pressure to quit makes me wanna smoke even more. you know, the whole forbidden fruit thing...

The Divine Miss M said...

@coquette - You seriously think you'll quit like that? By the time you actually manage to the cigarettes will have done their damage. If you're so determined to actually not smoke just stop.

Have some willpower people!

sweetass RSA said...

willpower? don't have any... i too will be cutting down...just the thought of going cold turkey made me go buy a carton... for some it's just easier i think... unfortunately i'm not one of those!

good resolutions!

The Divine Miss M said...

Man it was horribly hard for me too. I tried so many times before I managed it.At one point I was smoking and lying to everyone about it because I was so ashamed. How stupid.

But seriously, if you honestly want to quit you just have to quit. Cutting down doesn't really help unless you're willing to put them down as giving up that last cigarette is just as hard if you're smoking a pack a day or 1 a day. After 1 week it is all in the mind anyways.

Be strong people!

angel said...

i don't make resolutions... i know its a cliché, but i have tried and i get so annoyed with myself when i don't follow through with them that i no longer bother.

badgerdaddy said...

If you need a shoulder or some really good tips on quitting, drop me a comment on my blog. I found out some interesting things when I quit, and they're easily done. Helped me, anyway.
Good luck!