08 January 2008


Oh well, so much for behaving. I have this to say for the friend's sister, she's a good kisser at least. Not the smartest apple in the harvest, but sod it, I have no interest in feeling guilt any more. If I did I would never get anywhere. Nothing has gone further yet, and I suppose it may not, but frankly I am currently horny and lack the money to travel in order to acquire any simpler satisfaction.

Of course as I have said before something in me craves complications in life. We will see what happens this weekend, when I have the house to myself for a while and may have visitors. With luck it may be Russian visiting instead, but still I have only got as far as hugs with her, and chatter. I suspect that is as far as I will ever get, not necessarily because she actually believes me and takes me seriously, but more likely because I actually like her. That is rather a novelty for me, while I do not like to hurt people it is mostly due to the fact that I do not like to be a bad guy. In the case of Russian, and a few others, it is because I actually give a damn. Quite a novelty indeed.

I am mildly drunk at the moment so this entry may not be incredibly consistent, not to mention that the time is rather late, or early depending on how you look at it and I have had a busy day of trying to outwit players. I also miss Mystery, rather a lot, since I have not had time to speak to her recently. She may well not read this, in fact she probably will not, but I still hope that she can make it her soon.

Work is being complicated, I still need to find a way to get myself full-time work rather than simply part-time. I need the extra money, and I need to find a way to use the time that I would otherwise be at work for. At least I need to find a way which is in some way productive and useful, rather than simply sitting and scheming to myself. Tomorrow I meet Russian for coffee again, looking forward to that. I will let you know how it all goes.

I just do not seem to have much to write about at the moment, suggestions, comments or questions are more than welcome. I have a need to write but seem to be unable to think of anything to write about.

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angel said...

teehee... even yoiur semi-drunken ramblings are entertaining!